It is important to us that individuals have the freedom to move around in their home environment and in their everyday life.

Our goal is to enhance your daily independence.

We work tirelessly to make our devices perform exceptionally, helping people with mobility difficulties.

Our devices are designed to continue the rehabilitation path begun in the clinic at home.

Dispositivi medici per la riabilitazione per privati
Q-Walk: Dispositivo medico per la riabilitazione


Q-Walk: the guide for your rehabilitation, step by step.

Q-Walk is a medical device for the lower limbs that projects customisable visual feedback onto the ground

It is aimed at people who need assistance with walking.

Bring rehabilitation home

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QuicklyPro App is a medical device that helps you perform exercises at home.

Its user-friendly interface and guided usability makes it a perfect device to be used at home.

The App supports you in performing the exercises through detailed explanations and video tutorials.

You will never be alone, the physiotherapist is ready to give you feedback in real time.

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