The platform

Platform: QP-Rehab

QP-Rehab is a CE and FDA Class 1 certified medical device

QP-Rehab is a full-featured device capable of managing the patient in a 360° view and analysing the progress of therapy.

With the Platform you can manage your practices on-site or remotely through one complete instrument.

Extend the continuum of care to the home

One platform, many features


Register patients with personal data, clinical information, and contact details.

Customised sessions to be introduced within the rehabilitation plan

Easily monitor therapy progress through intuitive, well-structured graphs.

Establish direct contact with the patient, even remotely, using integartred video calling.

Tailor the rehabilitation plan to patient’s needs


QP-Rehab is useful for you

Monitoring charts, patient management, creation of rehabilitation plans
Why our platform is useful for you

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The App

App: QuicklyPro

QuicklyPro App is a CE and FDA Class 1 Certified Medical Device

QuicklyPro App is designed to improve engagement and communication between practitioners and patients.

Thanks to it’s integration with Q-Walk devices, you can execute training sessions directly in the practice or follow therapy progress remotely.

With its user-friendly interface, QuicklyPro App seamlessly integrates into your daily practice

Continue the rehabilitation path in a domestic environment

One App, many features


Control and adjust your step rhythm precisely

Communicate in real-time with your patient through video conferencing for direct instructions and feedback

Access targeted training programmes to improve your patient's gait, balance, and stability

Receive constant support and detailed explanations during rehabilitation to ensure maximum effectiveness

Monitor and record patient's gait data and progress directly from the app.

Connect the app to our Q-Walk device for an integrated training experience.


QuicklyPro App is useful for you

Performing the exercises in studio and at home. Easy communication and engagement.
Why QuicklyPro App is useful for you

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Extend therapy at home with QuicklyPro App

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