Wearable device for gait rehabilitation

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Q-Walk is a CE and FDA Class 1 certified wearable medical device that projects customisable visual feedback, increasing patient attention during walking while enhancing balance and safety.

Q-Walk has been developed with a patient-centric approach, with a focus on professional use
The device simplifies the creation of customised rehabilitation plans by adapting to each patient’s specific needs and requirements through user-friendly ease of use

Towards tele-rehabilitation

Q-Walk: dispositivo medico per la riabilitazione del cammino
Why choosing Q-Walk


Q-Walk is based on the scientifically validated rationale of visual cues for gait training

Visual feedback is stabilised for correct gait tracking.

Enables easy and rapid use of visual feedback in any work environment.

The ecosystem of products and services: Q-Walk, QP-Rehab, and App is designed to facilitate the continuum of care at home

Integration with the platform and app allows the analysis of the patient’s treatment progress through user-friendly graphics.

Q-Walk offers two projection modes: alternating feedback for classic gait training and fixed feedback for the other types of exercises.

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Starting with an idea from the founders, we are now more structured with the ambition to continue growing.
We firmly believe that people are the cornerstone of our approach.



Start the rehabilitation pathway with a thorough examination of the patient’s specific needs and crucial preliminary information.

Conduct an in-depth gait behaviour analysis, assessing the patient’s clinical situation and comparing gait data according to individual needs and goals.

Q-Walk: Dispositivo medico per la riabilitazione


Improve the therapeutic setting with Q-Walk: Utilise the simplicity and versatility of Q-Walk to perfect the therapeutic setting.

Following a thorough assessment of the patient’s gait, needs, and preferences, configure Q-Walk within minutes, tailoring it to create the ideal therapeutic setting.


Rehabilitation Training

Q-Walk serves as a versatile tool to enhance various aspects, including balance, stability, stride frequency, and stride length.
Q-Walk offers the flexibility to conduct specific training exercises:

  • Normal walking
  • In-line walking
  • Backwards walking
  • Wide-base walking
  • Dual tasking
  • Squat

Platform e App

Take rehabilitation at home!<br>
Platform for monitoring and App for patient communication completely integrated with the Q-Walk device make the continuum of care an aspect<br>

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Can Q-Walk be useful for your practice?

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